Enterprise Mobility & IOT

The phenomenon of communication is not only between people to people or machines to machines; it also includes people with machines, and machines with people. Smart connected devices are a global and economic reality of unprecedented scale - potentially billions of nodes. Soon, any device that is not networked will rapidly decrease in value, creating even greater pressure to be online. We develop solutions with our product frameworks for IOT applications like Smart homes, Smart cities, Smart energy, etc.

IOT Enable Smart Lighting/ Smart Home


Smart City/Smart Home

Unifylabs offers out-of-the-box solution for IOT applications integrating Smart Lights or Smart Home automation, Smart Devices, Mobile Apps, Management Software enabled with stream analytics.

  • Intelligent management of home automation
  • Auto detection of family devices
  • Profile driven scheduling
  • Access and control via Mobile Apps from any where
  • Monitor and Predict connected devices life cycle for service scheduling and maintenance
  • Reports for energy savings and price escallation over thresholds

Smart City/Smart Home


Industries can take the branch to the customer premise for customer acquisition and PoS transactions.

Our Unify-Identity mobility platform integrates and connects business to end customers that extends services beyond branch operations.

  • Cost effective digitization
  • Location based Identity Validation & Verification
  • Mobile enabled Point of Sale
  • Branch-less banking enable in rural areas


An unique solution to monitor and manage last-mile network parameters between BTS and customer device.

  • Cost reduction and resource optimization of network support
  • Effective network planning
  • Captures and tracks live QoS parameters
  • Helps resolve signal issues proactively
  • Correlates the service levels



Unify-Identity is a Web & Mobile application capable of handling KYC data.

  • Faster, Efficient and Accurate KYC validation
  • Enhance customer experience and instant profiling
  • Ability to tap cross-sell opportunities
  • Reach remote customers in rural areas through cost effective services
  • Real-time background validations like DeDupe, Credit worthiness, etc.


Enterprise IOT product suite comprising of server, mobile applications and relays for smart connected device.

  • Comply to standards set by IP for Smart Objects Alliance
  • Monitoring and controlling of individual or group of street lights
  • Instantaneous, Scheduled or Event based operations
  • Allows to create service schedule
  • Geo-redundant mode deployment with guaranteed uptime.


Unify-NetAnalyzer integrates BTS, Customer device and OSS systems.

  • Captures QoS parameters at customer end i.e. mobile devices, and thus accurately record customer’s experience.
  • Call drop report analysis
  • Periodic or Scheduled QoS statistics capture
  • Alarm or Event Generation and Co-relation
  • Help TSPs in improving overall service quality, network planning and manage customer experience.

Our Value

  • Faster deployment of mobility applications
  • Effective rollout of mobile technology enabling last-mile service
  • Cost effective and value optimization
  • Rich experience and thought leadership in network, devices, and mobility platforms
  • Integrated test platforms for validation of Mobility and IOT applications
  • Agile project delivery models for rapid development of applications