Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Today's business runs on IT. Every department needs technology to stay productive to help your business compete. As mobility and data continue to expand, a new wave of demands for applications and resources presses on your hierarchical IT infrastructure.

As your data center is the hub for storage, networking capability, and the computing capacity necessary to run your business productively, you need a data center that is not limited by the restrictions of the past. You need the ability to take everything you know and own today and transform those resources into a data center that is capable of handling changing needs and unexpected opportunities.

Infrastrucutre Solutions

  • Help assess and optimize data center capabilities to deliver cloud and data center solutions through a centralized management platform
  • Facilitate the efficient utilization of hardware and IT resources, self-service capabilities, capacity planning, service-level management, and proactive systems monitoring
  • Help organizations accelerate the deployment of new solutions by using industry-leading architectures and service-delivery frameworks
  • Minimize risks by relying on expertise of building and managing large scale data centers across the globe.

Cloud Solutions

Take the complex, heterogeneous infrastructure that you have today and migrate it into the new world of cloud. You can take advantage of the boundless capacity that the cloud offers, while still meeting requirements for security and compliance. You can reduce cost and complexity with technology innovation in areas like storage and networking. You can deliver services to the business faster with a platform that makes you more agile and more productive.

For a growing number of enterprises, the journey to cloud computing begins with a private or hybrid cloud implementation

Develop and implement private cloud infrastructures quickly while reducing both complexity and risk. This private cloud model provides the efficiency and agility of cloud computing, along with increased control and customization.

Introduce the efficiency and agility of cloud computing, along with the increased control and management of infrastructure resources.

Create an agile data center by developing and deploying automation solutions in your data cente

Accelerate the deployment of workloads to new infrastructure environments or the consolidation and optimization of existing data center assets.

Prepare for Windows Server End of Support by having the right strategy in place for a successful modernization of your enterprise IT.

Optimize your IT Services by utilizing the Unifylabs experts who will share recommended practices and principles to help make the transition smooth.

Deploy a flexible and agile environment that will allow you to deliver better services to end users, and help increase margin and profits. Unifylabs consultants and architects will work with your organization to create the best solution for you.

Build a full Business Case Analysis of services/products that you are evaluating for investment to grow your business and increase sources of revenue.

Accelerate your time to value from the offerings you plan on releasing to your customers. Unifylabs Services will deliver structured guidance during all phases of the project, from envision & plan, through build & deploy, to stabilize & support.

Quickly assess, design, and deploy an integrated solution with the Unifylabs products currently in your environment.

Our focused solutions in core infrastructure areas enable organization to achieve cost efficiencies, reliability, remote manageability, optimum scalability, and accelerated time-to-delivery by leveraging our proven methodologies, standardized tools and mature processes.

Assess, deploy and manage the best options for innovation and transformation in the data center.

Improve the uptime, security, and service quality of your data center, while reducing your IT cost of ownership. And because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to doing it right, we’ll assess your needs and deploy the most effective tools and processes necessary to meet your business goals.

Cloud & Infrastructure Solutions offers

Financial Control

Moving to a Managed Data Center solution can help you transition from an ever-changing capital expense model to a more predictable operating expense solution. We can manage as much or as little of your data center as you prefer – staffing, reporting, maintenance, security and more. And with less infrastructure, you can even provision former on-site facilities for important business growth opportunities.


Changing technologies help your business work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Unifylabs has the subject matter experts to help you stay on top of transformational technologies such as enterprise mobility, cloud, SaaS, PaaS and virtual solutions.

Critical skills

Good talent is hard to find. And even tougher to keep. Unifylabs can provide the skills you need to manage your data center needs – from legacy system support to 24x7 monitoring and management, to guidance from senior IT professionals.

Consolidated IT Services

Our Managed Data Center services can help ensure proper staffing and expertise, integration of new technology solutions, data security, business reporting, around-the-clock operations, centralized service desk, and operations management.

Infrastructure transformation.

Transitioning to a fully optimized infrastructure is a journey. We can help you develop smart solutions that are cost-effective today, and as you progress along the managed services continuum. And when you’re ready for a full transition to a managed data center solution, we have the strategies; people and technologies to help you better align your IT infrastructure to your overall business goals.

  • Optimize IT operations to match your business objectives
  • Decrease operating and capital equipment costs
  • Incorporate new technologies into your existing infrastructure
  • Cut infrastructure complexity
  • Advance IT service capabilities and quality
  • Increase business agility and responsiveness, and speed-up time-to-market for new service.