Careers @ Unifylabs

At Unifylabs, our Centre of Excellence (COE) drive the career development and growth.

Each COE focuses on the enterprises unique challenges or problems through engaging assignments with:

  • Academia - to spot and mentor the talent to accelerate their industry exposure
  • Professional Training - to learn and increase skills expertise to deliver solutions
  • R&D - to develop deep expertise in technology and incubate innovation
  • Domain specific functional consultants - to broaden the industry knowledge and market understanding
  • Professional Communities - to stay relevant and envagalize the skills expertise
  • Industry forums - to share and upbringing the ecosystem

Careers In Telecom

IT and telecommunication are constantly evolving industries in terms of technology, understandably facing a high level of threat of obsolescence. Deregulation and a host of government regulations across the globe have intensified competition amongst players and heightened the need for a better competitive edge and stronger protection of intellectual property assets for players. Industry consolidation has also emphasized the need for IT and telecom players to reassess strategies and product portfolios so as to evaluate and take advantage of feasible business combinations in the industry. It is crucial for players to optimize the utilization of their innovative technologies to build a competitive edge.

Careers In Analytics

Dec 25th (The Hindu): Consulting firm McKinsey estimates that India would need two lakh data scientists in the next few years.

Nasscom, the industry body, and MGI (McKinsey Global Institute) identified immediate talent needs in Analytics professionals as below:

In Business Analytics, one needs the triage of skills in the areas of Computer Programming, Business functions and statistical or mathematical models to accomplish the project or solution goals.

Unifylabs provides the career growth options as per the individual’s capabilities, skills and contribution value drivers as follows:

Unifylabs focuses on the career development through well-thought out skill improvement in emerging technologies, assignments and on the job challenging projects at each level. Our talent development program is designed to address skills and expertise development for freshers through internship and on-the-job assignments. Experienced professionals expertise is developed through organized trainings, participation inindustry conferences andinvolvement through professional meet-ups.