Business Analytics

Unlock the potential of information for the customers with deeper “insights, knowledge and context” aware data analytics.

Unifylabs R&D team have developed Innovative, High performance computing and integration readyanalysis models, solutions and product frameworks to enable our customers with efficient and faster realization of business value.

Our solution stack encompasses the dynamic requirements for multiple applications in data mining, data discovery and analytics to our clients.

Our Offerings

We offer solutions to discover in real-time the hidden insights in areas of:

  • Marketing Analytics for B2B, B2R business models in measuring Sales or Retailer performance and Sales schemes return analysis
  • Risk and Fraud Analytics for Telecom and Banking to comply with regulatory requirements, plug revenue leakages profit erosion and perform what-if risk analysis
  • CRM Analytics to enhance the customer experience, retain profitable customers and cross-sell or up-sell the offerings


With Innovation and R&D efforts, our products focus on realizing business value with faster deployment, cost-effective reusable models and scalable platforms

Unify-DICE (TM): Data Insights Co-relations Engine assists decision makers in processing the big data in near real-time, analyze trends and predict outcomes for critical business questions.

Unify-SPAN: Sales Promotions Analyzer provides trends and insights of promotion schemes performance with product-lift, stock-out alerts, recommendations, scheme returns and sales contribution data. Unify-SPAN Dashboards help Sales team with data & insights driven actions


Our team of industry domain consultants, subject area specialists and in-depth expertise in emerging technologies like Hadoop, SPARK, VoltDB, MongoDB, SAS, R, etc. that provide consulting services to enterprises for fully realizing the business value of information assets.

  • Data mining for supervised and unsupervised analyses
  • Data Visualization services using Tableau, SpotFire, D3JS
  • Shared services for Real-time and Streaming Analytics
  • “Prototyping and Proof of Concept” services for Data Analytics adaptation or Testing hypothesis
  • Data analytics expertise and consultancy for scaling projects, augmenting solutions and exploring alternatives

Business Value and Benefits

Unifylabs delivers its innovative solutions and services on value driven approach and focuses on:

  • Driving business value - Revenue growth, profitability and lower cost of data mining or analytics ownership
  • Use of innovative products and agile methods on big data infrastructure stack to accelerate solutions development
  • Shortened time-to-market solutions
  • Affordable solution framework and scalable architecture
  • Comprehensive data analytics solutions to discover hidden insights
  • Flexibile pricing models like Analytics-as-a-Service, cloud based big data processing, analytics stacks with pay-per-use models for SME and Startup industries which eliminates initial capital costs, resources and assets
Solution MFG AUTO BFSI Telecom Retail Govt. Public Services

Sales Analytics

Distributor or Channel or Retailer Performance

Scheme Performance Scheme budget returns & sales contribution Scheme allocations and dynamic offers

Product lift trends, stock-out and back-order predictions

Risk & Fraud Analytics

Regulatory compliance risk analysis & reporting

Revenue leakage and Profit erosion analysis of customer churn or transaction losses or billing

What if analysis for pro-active probable risks and fraud prevention

CRM Analytics

360 degree profiling, segmentation

Customer experience touch points – recommendations and retention KPI monitoring

Predictions and recommendations for cross-sell or up-sell